Toppilan Möljä Oy

The approach of Active Owners

Active Owners Martti Haapala, Jukka Juola and Markku Kankaala acquired the majority of the company in spring 2020. The three men were all enthusiastic about boats and shared boating as a hobby, and inspired by Martti, they became owners of a tugboat called “Alpo”.


Information about the company

Toppilan Möljä Oy is a modern shipping company that owns and operates its versatile fleet. In addition, the company plans and develops the marine environment of Toppilansalmi. Future projects include the “Alpo pier”, the “Alpo terminal” and the new marine centre called “Merikeskus”. In addition, there are plans to acquire more ships, which are supposed to operate from the port to the sea to various destinations.


Development of Toppilansalmi operations

Active Owners acquired the majority of Toppilan Möljä Oy, which owns the historic Alpo tug that operated in Toppilansalmi harbour between 1952 and 1990. The ship was built in New York in 1943 and participated in the Normandy campaign in 1945. The tugboat will be on display to the public at its own berth in the port. In addition, there are plans to acquire more ships, which are supposed to operate from the port to the sea to various destinations.

Together with Fennomotors Oy, Active Owners founded Toppilan Terwa Marina Oy, which will build a guest marina at the mouth of Toppilansalmi, where Oulujoki river flows in to the sea in Oulu. In addition to the 300 berths to be built for the boats, the port will also serve local residents, offering the opportunity to enjoy the marine life of the region.

M/A Alpo

The first acquisition to the fleet was the legendary tugboat “Alpo”, originally named ST-335, built in the United States in 1943 for the Normandy campaign for transporting parts of the mobile port to Omaha Beach.

After surviving the operation unharmed, the tug came to Finland to carry out post-war mine clearance in the Gulf of Finland, under the working name “Dieselraivaaja No. 18”. After surviving this task as well, the tug moved to Oulu in 1952 to work as a tug in the harbour of Toppilansalmi, under the new name “Alpo”, and served the city until 1990.

In 1999, Alpo was acquired by Toppilan Möljä Oy, a company established for the purpose, which thoroughly renovated the old, declining ship. During this time, Alpo participated in the 60th anniversary of the Normandy campaign.

Alpo’s story continued happily in 2020 when Active Owners joined Toppila Mölja. A new crew with enthusiastic, younger members was put together, keeping the business going.

There are many things in the plans for the future, such as having our own pier and terminal in the port of Toppila, as well as participating in the 80th anniversary of the Normandy campaign in 2024.

Target companies

Active Owners invest in carefully selected target companies with the goal of principal ownership and the development of shareholder value. Active Owners aim to bring good ownership to their companies.


Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy

Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy is an Australian-Finnish company founded in 2017 specializing in mining and mineral production. The company's goal is to start cobalt mines in Kuusamo and Posio in the coming years.

Toppilan Möljä Oy

Toppilan Möljä Oy is a modern shipping company that owns and operates its versatile fleet. In addition, the company will make investments in the Port of Toppila, to the so-called Merikeskus project.


NYAB is a builder of clean future with decades of experience in demanding projects. NYAB is enabling green transition in the Nordics by providing construction services for renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

Wetteri Oyj

Wetteri is an entrepreneur-driven growth company and a unique multibrand car dealer. The aim of Wetteri is to be the biggest and most profitable automotive company in Finland by the end of 2025.

Enersense International Oyj

Is a creator of zero emission energy solutions with the aim of being a versatile partner for its customers. The company's business areas are industry, construction, energy and telecommunications.

Afarak Group Oyj

Afarak is a global vertically-integrated producer of speciality alloys which supplies special products to steel and stainless steel producers.


AktiiviOmistajat sijoittavat tarkoin valikoituihin kohdeyhtiöihin tavoitteena pääomistajuus ja omistaja-arvon kehittäminen. AktiiviOmistajat tuovat hyvän omistajuuden kehitettäviin yhtiöihin.

SkartaNYAB Oyj

On puhtaan tulevaisuuden rakentaja, jonka liiketoiminta keskittyy pääosin erikoisrakentamisen hiilineutraaleihin teollisuus- ja energiahankkeisiin sekä erikoisrakentamiseen.

Wetteri Oyj

Wetteri on Pohjois-Suomen suurin autokauppa, joka myy 10 000 autoa vuosittain. Wetteri on myös yksi Oulun suurimpia yrityksiä ja merkittävä työllistäjä.

Enersense International Oyj

On päästöttömien energiaratkaisujen toteuttaja tavoitteenaan olla asiakkaidensa monipuolinen kumppani. Yhtiön toimialoja ovat teollisuus, rakentaminen, energia ja tietoliikenne.

Toppilan Möljä Oy

On uuden ajan laivanvarustamo, joka omistaa ja operoi monipuolista laivastoaan. Lisäksi yhtiö tulee tekemään investointeja Toppilan satamaan ns. Merikeskus-hankkeen puitteissa.

Latitude 66 Cobalt

Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy on australialais-suomalainen vuonna 2017 perustettu kaivostoimintaan ja mineraalituotantoon erikoistunut yritys. Yrityksen tavoitteena on käynnistää kobolttikaivokset Kuusamossa ja Posiolla tulevien vuosien aikana.