Vaikuttaa aktiivisesti omistaja-arvoon

Active Owner

Actively influences the owner value

Target companies

Active Owners invest in carefully selected target companies.


Active Owners aim to increase the shareholder value of target companies.


Active Owners base their activities on cooperation between entrepreneurs.

Values of Active Owners


Active Owners construct coalitions of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is based on controlled risk-taking, solution orientation and a positive attitude towards the future

Good ownership

Good ownership includes responsibility for the company. Active Owners take care of the company's profitability and continuous development.


The activities of Active Owners are based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Who are
the Active Owners

Active Owners are experienced entrepreneurs who have worked in different industries, investing together in carefully selected target companies, with the goal of actively developing the company’s operations and shareholder value.

Active Owners construct the so-called “coalition of entrepreneurs” whose activities are based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Target companies

Active Owners invest in carefully selected target companies with the goal of principal ownership and the development of shareholder value. Active Owners aim to bring good ownership to their companies.


Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy

Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy is an Australian-Finnish company founded in 2017 specializing in mining and mineral production. The company's goal is to start cobalt mines in Kuusamo and Posio in the coming years.

Toppilan Möljä Oy

Toppilan Möljä Oy is a modern shipping company that owns and operates its versatile fleet. In addition, the company will make investments in the Port of Toppila, to the so-called Merikeskus project.


NYAB is a builder of clean future with decades of experience in demanding projects. NYAB is enabling green transition in the Nordics by providing construction services for renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

Wetteri Oyj

Wetteri is an entrepreneur-driven growth company and a unique multibrand car dealer. The aim of Wetteri is to be the biggest and most profitable automotive company in Finland by the end of 2025.

Enersense International Oyj

Is a creator of zero emission energy solutions with the aim of being a versatile partner for its customers. The company's business areas are industry, construction, energy and telecommunications.

Afarak Group Oyj

Afarak is a global vertically-integrated producer of speciality alloys which supplies special products to steel and stainless steel producers.

Villa Hannala as a base

Through his family company, Martti Haapala acquired Villa Hannala, a traditional lace villa built in 1859 in Toppila, Oulu, in the fall of 2021. Active Owners have taken the villa as their base and named it the “Active Owners Club”.