Active Club in Villa Hannala

Through his family company, Martti Haapala acquired Villa Hannala, a traditional lace villa built in 1859 in Toppila, Oulu, in the fall of 2021. Active Owners have taken the villa as their base and named it “Active Owners Club”.

The idea for the acquisition was born as a result of several significant acquisitions.

The idea of acquiring Villa Hannala came when the Active Owners bought a tugboat called “Alpo” for Toppilan Möljä Oy and launched the Toppilan Terwa Marina harbour project. In this sense, acquiring Villa Hannala completed the whole. Villa Hannala was the family villa of Johan Wilhelm Snellman, a fleet owner from Oulu and the founder of a trading house.

Snellman owned ten sailing ships in the port of Toppila, which transported tar and timber around the world. In the 1890s, shipping traffic could be followed from the villa, when a high observation tower was built in connection with the extension of the villa. Thus, it can be concluded that the purchase of the villa returned Hannala to its maritime roots, and the Active Owners can once again watch their ships facing Toppila harbour and the sea.

Villa Hannala works as the headquarters of the operations.

Respecting and revitalizing the original history of Villa Hannala is important to Active Owners. The history of the Snellman family will be displayed in the villa, and the people of Oulu will be able to gather there for various events.

Active Owners club has also started actively, as several meetings have already been held in the villa. Skarta Board of directors has gathered in the villa. In addition, the handover of the hydrogen car to the CEO of Skarta took place in the “dome” built in Hannala’s yard. Skarta Oyj also announced the purchase project of the Swedish NYAB group in Hannala.

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